SoHo Cigars – Cugine 2010 – Event

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SoHo Cigars – June 17th, 2010 – Featuring Joseph R. Gannascoli of Cugine Cigars.

David (Cigar Estate), Joe (Cugine Cigars)

Joe showing me the differences between the red and gold labels.

Thanks to Joe R. Gannascoli of Cugine Cigars & Scott of SoHo Cigars for putting this event on.

Also thanks to Valori for taking the photos!

Cigar Cave – Alec Bradley 2010 – Event

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Finally getting around to post some stuff again. It’s been really busy the past few months but have been able smoke regularly and go to some events. So here is the Cigar Cave Alec Bradley Event – June 11th, 2010.

David (Cigar Estate), Sam (Cheap Humidors / CigaRobbie Radio Show), Alan Rubin (Alex Bradley) & Russ

Tampa Cigar Radio Hosts / Bloggers

Top Row: Robbie (CigaRobbie Radio Show), Tom (Tampa Cigar Examiner), Nikki, Pedro (Tampa Cigar Club), Dave (Cigar Sage), David (Cigar Estate)

Lower Row: Sam (Cheap Humidors / CigaRobbie Radio Show), Anthony (FrugalCigarSnob)