Multi Review – Jose Seijas – LFD Ligero – Cain Habano – Frank Llaneza – Liga Privada

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So while I still smoke everyday I have been tied up with a ton of freelance so I am having to bunch these up for the last couple weeks. I have picked 5 form the past couple weeks but since some are repeats that I just wanted to smoke again.

The best two first…  Since they blew me away!

Jose Seijas

I was introduced to this cigar a few years ago by a friend in Seattle who said it was one of the best cigars he had ever had. While it was a little pricey I gave it a try and was sold back then. This Figurado Seijas was purchased from Tampa Humidor Feb. 7th 2010 for $15.00. Not cheap but every Seijas I have had has always been a great smoke. With a medium body and super smooth super clean and flavors of cedar and floral notes, I would have no problems recommending this cigar to anyone.

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Today’s Pick / Quick Review – San Cristobal Selección Del Sol

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Quick Info
Made by Don Pepin under the Ashton umbrella the San Cristobal Selección Del Sol is the first cigar to have a wrapper from Don Pepin’s Estrella Farms in Nicaragua. The upper label is the typical San Cristobal label with a second bright teal label at the foot. It does have the signature Don Pepin triple cap and is few shades lighter than the Ashton VSG.

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