Today’s Pick / Padilla Series 68 Robusto [5″ x 50]

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Quick Info
A couple months back I had my first experience with the Padilla with the Dominus and it wasn’t a good one. After chatting with some some local shops they didn’t have too many nice things to say about Padilla bringing up some major changes a couple years ago leading to some major inconsistencies to the point where they won’t even carry the brand. However after chatting with Dave ( he eased some concerns telling me he wasn’t to fond of the Dominus and to give some of the other Padilla cigars a try. Also I generally am not a fan of the Corojo wrappers but I won’t hold it against this cigar.

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Today’s Pick / Review – Tatuaje Verocu (Red) Tubos [6 1/8 x 52]

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Since I didn’t get to smoke over the weekend I decided to pick a cigar I am pretty familiar with to review. The Tatuaje Verocu Tubos is probably one of my favorites from the Tatuaje brand.

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