Today’s Pick / Quick Review – La Flor Dominicana Factory Press III

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Quick Info
The Factory Press III is limited edition cigar with only 300 boxes released. Each box has 10 trays of 12 Factory Press III for 120 per box. The packaging was pretty interesting with wood separating each stick and at my B&M they had a sign that basically said don’t touch unless you are going to buy.

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Today’s Pick / Quick Review – Tatuaje Ambos Mundos No. 2

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Again, the Ambos Mundos is the first budget conscious cigar from Tatuaje. It is said it uses B and C grade tobacco based on appearance and fermentation. For some reason the Ambos Mundos No. 2 is far better than the No. 1

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Today’s Pick – Cubao Maduro Belicoso

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I have seen this cigar in many shops and have overlooked it for a while now but after seeing others review it I decided I would give it a shot. I also bought a pretty wide range of Don Pepin cigars last night so even more to come.

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Today’s Double Pick! / Review – El Tiante Maduro Belicoso & Cain Habano

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So it was a Tuesday and with nothing really going on so Ben and I decided to stop at SoHo Cigars to find something new to smoke while doing the review at the shop. After chatting with Scott he recommended I try the El Tiante Corojo but for some reason I thought I needed something a little stronger after a long day at the office and grabbed the Maduro. So before I even get into the review let me just say you can add me to the 50% who are not fans of the Maduro. I found out a little later that El Tiante is working to update the Maduro blend due to a 50/50 love/hate of the blend. To be fair Scott hooked me up with a Corojo which he said was much better and I will be trying it out in the next week or so (Thanks Scott!).

The entire El Tiante brand was pretty interesting. At SoHo Cigars they are presented a nice glass case in the center of the walk in humidor. They have fairly nice packaging and their boxes are pretty similar to Graycliffs. Every time I’ve been in SoHo Cigars I always seemed to check them out but I was always a little unsure if they were worth a try. The one thing that did stand out to me was that the Natural, Corojo and Madura all have red hues which is kind of odd to me for a cigar.

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