Today’s Pick / Quick Review – JFR Maduro (Authentic III Habano Maduro) Super Toro [6 1/2 x 52]

Quick Info

The JFR – “Just For Retailers” is a normally a brand that I would pass right over but the packaging looked interesting and the placement in the shop was with some cigars that I prefer.  When I picked it up to inspect it I noticed a heavy cocoa smell to it almost like a Drew Estates Naturals – Dirt.  I asked the guy at the shop about it but he hadn’t tried it and he hadn’t heard anything about cocoa in it but he did mention someone else asking the same question.  Made by Tabacalera Tropical – Casa Fernandez the first employer of Don Pepin once he left Cuba and rumored to be his main tobacco supplier.

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Quick Review

After lighting up it had some good flavors showing some cocoa, leather and nut however it didn’t seem all that complex and the flavors stayed exactly the same through out the cigar. I did have to relight a couple times while I was chatting with people (for extended periods of time). The cocoa flavor did make it through the entire cigar which surprised me since I hadn’t seen that mentioned anywhere else. This cigar is listed as a Medium -to- Full Bodied cigar but I found it to lean heavily just toward a Medium Bodied cigar. Overall there isn’t a lot to complain about it was smooth and had good smoke and it burned pretty evenly. If I was to have one complaint I would say that for a maduro the JFR Maduro seemed a little boring. At $6.90 this smoke is a slightly overpriced for what it is, if it had been under $5 I would have recommended it to someone who would usually smoke a lighter cigar and was wanting to try a maduro.


Prelight – Sweet Cocoa / Leather.

1/3 – Cocoa / Leather / Nut

2/3 – Cocoa / Leather / Nut

Last Third – Cocoa / Leather / Nut


Purchased: Cigar Castle ( 4/15/2010 )

Price: $6.99

Origin: Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Unsure

Binder: Unsure

Filler: Unsure

Shape: Super Toro

Length: 6 1/2″

Gauge: 52

Body:  Medium Bodied

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Tabacalera Tropical

Keepers of the Flame – More Background on the JFR