An Introduction To Cigar Estate!

So first let me introduce ourselves to everyone.

We have Ben which is our newest perspective on cigar smoking. He has smoked lightly on and off for the past 5 years but within the last 6 months has really kicked it up. He is doing most of the research for us and motivating the rest of us to show our passion for cigars.  Ben’s most recent favorite has been Padron cigars. Also Ben is our main interactive designer and he will be the one designing our new site to replace this temporary version. So far we have a great logo and we will wait to reveal that until we get the new layout in place.

Then we have Jeff who has been a steady smoker for the past 5 years. Enjoys a good smoke and is always looking for the next great cigar. Jeff will also be writing some articles for us as well.

Finally we myself, David. I have been smoking for around 13 years now on a pretty frequent basis. When first starting out I had some great roll models in that the first cigar I ever smoked was a Romeo y Julietta – Cuban.  Currently I have a few favorite cigars and I don’t think I can nail down just one. If you were to ask me today what was my favorite cigar I have to say Ashton VSG/ESG,  Padron 26/64 and a few of the Tatuajes. As far as my contribution to Cigar Estate I am custom coding a nice little add-on and I will also be assisting Ben with the implementation of the site design being an interactive designer as well.

So now that we have hinted at our plans for Cigar Estate you may flat out ask what we have planned for this site?

Without revealing to much since most of our ideas are still in the development stage will be doing video reviews as well as written reviews, adding some chat forums, adding one massive database of cigar FAQs and a few other things small things we aren’t talking about yet. All I can say for now is as we learn you can learn right along with us. We are not the pretentious cigar smokers who pretend/do know everything. We are always learning and always want to continue to learn. As much as we want to be a resource for others we want to make you a resource as well.

We know we are pretty new to the game and maybe a little late in some opinions since there are lots of other sites out there covering the same general topic but overall we believe we have some great ideas and can still contribute.  We enjoy reading and watching all the reviews of everyone out there and have even started to record our own reviews.  Currently we don’t think we are comfortable enough in front of the  camera to release some of the already recorded video reviews and are holding onto those for a bit until we can edit most of the awkwardness out of them (hopefully).  In the meantime we will just post written reviews and start to build up content and some worth. Beyond that we plan to start by getting rid of this temporary design and updating to our new design.  From there we will cram in all those ideas which we think community will find useful.

Finally I just want to state that I am far from a writer and have absolute respect for writers! If you are the grammar police I will attempt to fix the mistakes but overall I am not too worried about negative comments regarding how poorly something is written. So please don’t shame me too much to where I am afraid to post my reviews.