New reviews coming!

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Sorry everyone I have about three plus reviews waiting but I have been a touch busy to sit down and post them. More photos coming for the Cain F Tour as well!

New addition to Cigar Estate

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We are adding another cigar reviewer, Alex to the Cigar Estate family! I’ve know Alex since 1998 and even remember smoking a bunch of cigars with him during that time. He will be kicking off his first review with the 2009 Arturo Fuente Anejo – Reserva Shark 77.  Overall he should be a great addition when it comes to reviews and rolling out some of the custom coding being added on to the site within a few months.

So please help us welcome Alex to the family!

Some Quick Updates

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Yesterday I went to a Tampa Cigar MeetUp event and met some really great people. I would highly recommend this group who seem pretty active in the community (I just signed up myself) so if your in the Tampa area and dig cigars be sure to sign up by looking for the group The Dutch Maduro.

I also have some more reviews to post on the Padilla Dominus and the Cain Habano. For some reason I always seem to be a tad overloaded.

One final note is I seem to have broken the banners when I upgraded the banner server yesterday to see if it would fix some of the quirkiness but it seems like it only got worse. Anyways I should have that working when I have more than 5 minutes to look at it, in other words this weekend.

An Introduction To Cigar Estate!

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So first let me introduce ourselves to everyone.

We have Ben which is our newest perspective on cigar smoking. He has smoked lightly on and off for the past 5 years but within the last 6 months has really kicked it up. He is doing most of the research for us and motivating the rest of us to show our passion for cigars.  Ben’s most recent favorite has been Padron cigars. Also Ben is our main interactive designer and he will be the one designing our new site to replace this temporary version. So far we have a great logo and we will wait to reveal that until we get the new layout in place.

Then we have Jeff who has been a steady smoker for the past 5 years. Enjoys a good smoke and is always looking for the next great cigar. Jeff will also be writing some articles for us as well.

Finally we myself, David. I have been smoking for around 13 years now on a pretty frequent basis. When first starting out I had some great roll models in that the first cigar I ever smoked was a Romeo y Julietta – Cuban.  Currently I have a few favorite cigars and I don’t think I can nail down just one. If you were to ask me today what was my favorite cigar I have to say Ashton VSG/ESG,  Padron 26/64 and a few of the Tatuajes. As far as my contribution to Cigar Estate I am custom coding a nice little add-on and I will also be assisting Ben with the implementation of the site design being an interactive designer as well.

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