Multi Review – Jose Seijas – LFD Ligero – Cain Habano – Frank Llaneza – Liga Privada

So while I still smoke everyday I have been tied up with a ton of freelance so I am having to bunch these up for the last couple weeks. I have picked 5 form the past couple weeks but since some are repeats that I just wanted to smoke again.

The best two first…  Since they blew me away!

Jose Seijas

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I was introduced to this cigar a few years ago by a friend in Seattle who said it was one of the best cigars he had ever had. While it was a little pricey I gave it a try and was sold back then. This Figurado Seijas was purchased from Tampa Humidor Feb. 7th 2010 for $15.00. Not cheap but every Seijas I have had has always been a great smoke. With a medium body and super smooth super clean and flavors of cedar and floral notes, I would have no problems recommending this cigar to anyone.

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La Flor Dominican Ligero

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The La Flor Dominicana Ligero was a cigar I was not expecting to much from at all. I have had draw problems in the past with the LFD’s and have never really been excited to smoke them. This one may have changed my mind on that all together. After smoking a few different box press LFD’s in the past couple weeks I have slowly been changing my mind about the La Flor Dominicana brand. With a great draw the LFD Ligero starts very similar to a Cain draw which is a real strong notes of pepper and leather except the LFD Ligero eases right off and becomes super smooth. I would have to say this is a cigar I will be picking up again and would recommend to anyone who would like to try a super toned down Cain. I purchased this one at the Cigar Castle one night in mid April after work with a couple others and having trouble tracking down the receipt for the exact price.

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Cain Habano (Black Label)

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The Cain F is one of my favorites and while in my opinion it isn’t for someone who doesn’t smoke frequently this is an amazing smoke if you like strong peppery cigars. I purchased this again at Cigar Castle for $7.99 on 3/25/2010. Pretty average price these days and good value for quality tobacco.

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Frank Llaneza

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Now while I have been wanting to try this one for at least 6 months and since Frank had passed a couple months ago I figured it was time to pick one up. As soon as I lit this cigar I was disappointed. It tasted like whoever rolled the cigar dropped some cigar ash that they were smoking inside. It had charcoal notes from my first puff to the middle where I was forced to put it out due to it being absolutely horrible. While I will give this another try since I can only imagine this being a fluke I cannot recommend it to anyone currently. I purchased this one at SoHo Cigars a few weeks ago and will go grab another one this week.

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Drew Estates Liga Privada T52

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Now I have been accused by friends for being a Drew Estate fan boy and still think the Acid line is a great way to get friends into cigars in general. My cigar first box purchase was the Acid Kuba Kuba that a buddy and me went through in a little over a week. On the other hand I have always questioned the tobacco used in Drew Estate cigars being that it always seemed like they were being covered by oils or natural flavors. This isn’t my first introduction to the Liga Privada and the first time I thought the cigar was double the price of what it should be. To me the tobacco is a little bitter and needs some more time aging especially before it can even start to belong in this premiere price range. I purchased the Liga Privada T52 at Cigar Castle for $11.49 on 3/25/2010. I personally can’t recommend this one to anyone unless Drew Estates was to cut the price in half.

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Other cigars smoked over the past couple weeks were:

San Cristobal Selección Del Sol

Don Pepin Cuban Classic

CAO La Traviata

–  Siglo Limited Reserve VI – Will do a full review soon

– Oliva Serie O Maduro- Will do a full review soon

– Gurkha Ancient Warrior

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  1. That Jose Seijas is one I’ve wanted to try, so I see now I really do need to pick it up. The price has kept me from buying it. I always think that it’s odd that Altadis continually is coming out with more expensive cigars whilst the rest of the industry is doing the exact opposite!

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