Veritas – Connecticut Shade – Robusto 5×50

I got this cigar from one of the hosts of the Stogie Show. He offered to let me into his personal stash of cigars that he brought back from the IPCPR Vegas conference.

Veretas Cigar - Photo

When the host and I were first chatting we thought this was a new cigar from Pete Johnson which it is not. The name very similar to the Tatuaje La Verite and the Veritas cigar band colors are very similar to La Verite cigar band colors. However after a little research we got it all cleared up and found out it's a new cigar company who's cigars are manufactured by Blue Mountain Cigars out of Miami.

At the time of this review not too much information exists on the Veritas Connecticut. On Veritas Cigars Facebook page there is nothing and on their website there is nearly no information on their cigars and no information at all on the Connecticut stick. So as far as company and cigar background I am having to wing it a bit.

Quick Info

Company: Veritas Cigars

Cigar: Connecticut Shade - Robusto 5x50
Origin: Esteli - Nicaragua


The Veritas Connecticut construction is pretty good. However, I had some minor complaints. The first: the cap is a little sloppy and the second: left over glue on the wrapper. I do like the label which is pretty simple but classy.


So with the little research I was able to find, I found out they draw test all their cigars which made me want to use the Wolf v-cutter on this stick. After cutting and lighting it I found the draw to be a little tight which may mean it needs a traditional cut.

First Third

The flavor notes at first were: mild pepper, mild hint of cedar and a bit of sweetness. The burn was wavy, with the smoke aroma being a sweet woody smell.

Second Third

The flavor notes order changed a bit and were: sugary ,light cedar and light pepper. The burn started to even out, with the smoke aroma having a woody, mild ammonia smell.

Final Third

The flavor notes order again changed a bit and were: medium pepper, bit of sweetness and hints of cedar. The burn almost evened out completely but not quite there. Unfortunately with about an inch left the Veritas got harsh and it seemed the nicotine levels bumped up a bit with my heart starting to race.


For me the first and second third of the Veritas was pretty enjoyable with light to medium nicotine levels and pretty well balanced flavors. The final third to me was a let down in that the strength kept rising and then getting harsh to the point where I had to put it out. While I am not really a Connecticut fan, if this cigar does end up in the $5-$6 range I would buy it even with a bad ending.  As for everyone else if you are a Connecticut fan this may be a good cigar for you to check out and would be interested in how this cigar ends for you.


Sorry, the pictures are a little fuzzy. I tried to take a shortcut by using camera phone for photos.

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  1. Thank you for the review, I’m the National Sales Director for Veritas cigars, we are new as a company, but Blue Mountain has done a fantastic job for us. Our cigars can be found only in brick and mortar shops. We remain loyal to our customers with no on line sales. Chesapeake Cigars In Del has our cigars as well as Cigarette City in Newark DEL their number is 302-369-8201 Get with Gary Griffin, Chesapeake Cigars in Edwater MD Contact them @ 443-949-9004 and ask for Veritas. Thank you and Long Ashes!

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