Jose Seijas @ Cigar Castle

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Hanging out at Cigar Castle with Jose Seijas having his branded Figurado and a Cigar City Maduro. Cigar Dave playing in the background.

Cigar Cave – Alec Bradley 2010 – Event

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Finally getting around to post some stuff again. It’s been really busy the past few months but have been able smoke regularly and go to some events. So here is the Cigar Cave Alec Bradley Event – June 11th, 2010.

David (Cigar Estate), Sam (Cheap Humidors / CigaRobbie Radio Show), Alan Rubin (Alex Bradley) & Russ

Tampa Cigar Radio Hosts / Bloggers

Top Row: Robbie (CigaRobbie Radio Show), Tom (Tampa Cigar Examiner), Nikki, Pedro (Tampa Cigar Club), Dave (Cigar Sage), David (Cigar Estate)

Lower Row: Sam (Cheap Humidors / CigaRobbie Radio Show), Anthony (FrugalCigarSnob)

Cigar Event Tonight at Soho Cigars in South Tampa

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Trinidad Cigar Tasting
March 11th
6 PM – 9 PM
Special Prices and Giveaways

SoHo Cigars
212 S. Armenia Ave,
Tampa, FL

Some Quick Updates

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Yesterday I went to a Tampa Cigar MeetUp event and met some really great people. I would highly recommend this group who seem pretty active in the community (I just signed up myself) so if your in the Tampa area and dig cigars be sure to sign up by looking for the group The Dutch Maduro.

I also have some more reviews to post on the Padilla Dominus and the Cain Habano. For some reason I always seem to be a tad overloaded.

One final note is I seem to have broken the banners when I upgraded the banner server yesterday to see if it would fix some of the quirkiness but it seems like it only got worse. Anyways I should have that working when I have more than 5 minutes to look at it, in other words this weekend.

This weekends FBG Anual – Beerfest 2010

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Sorry, I know this is not directly related to cigars.

This will be my fourth year in a row for this event and I recommend it to everyone who loves beer. Since this is an outdoor event bring your cigars, after all this is Ybor City!

More about the event: Florida Brewers Guild

Everyone loves a celebratory smoke!

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Canadian woman’s hockey team celebrate by smoking a stick on the ice after wining gold.

Via: Yahoo Sports [Full Story]