Multi Review – Jose Seijas – LFD Ligero – Cain Habano – Frank Llaneza – Liga Privada

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So while I still smoke everyday I have been tied up with a ton of freelance so I am having to bunch these up for the last couple weeks. I have picked 5 form the past couple weeks but since some are repeats that I just wanted to smoke again.

The best two first…  Since they blew me away!

Jose Seijas

I was introduced to this cigar a few years ago by a friend in Seattle who said it was one of the best cigars he had ever had. While it was a little pricey I gave it a try and was sold back then. This Figurado Seijas was purchased from Tampa Humidor Feb. 7th 2010 for $15.00. Not cheap but every Seijas I have had has always been a great smoke. With a medium body and super smooth super clean and flavors of cedar and floral notes, I would have no problems recommending this cigar to anyone.

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Today’s Pick / Quick Review – Hammer + Sickle La Habana Tradicion Serie

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Quick Info
Let me start by saying the marketing behind the Hammer & Sickle brand is pretty heavy. They already have a vodka made just north of Moscow and know what they are doing when it comes to marketing. With that said the presentation of these cigars is amazing, they come in an amazing crystal cigar box. While this cigar was just introduced at IPCPR last year it seems like within the last couple months they are starting to make it out to the local B&M.

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Today’s Pick / Quick Review – La Flor Dominicana Factory Press III

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The Factory Press III is limited edition cigar with only 300 boxes released. Each box has 10 trays of 12 Factory Press III for 120 per box. The packaging was pretty interesting with wood separating each stick and at my B&M they had a sign that basically said don’t touch unless you are going to buy.

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Today’s Pick / Quick Review – 2010 Cain F Torpedo

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I have been a fan of the Cain F since they were introduced in the 5 packs. The new 2010 Cain F cigar is no different. The F in Cain F stands for Fuerte, when translated from Spanish means Strong. It’s good to see that you can now buy these as single cigar which makes it much easier to try then the 5 packs. I picked this up at the Cigar Castle during the 2010 Cain F Tour featuring Sam Leccia. I added some picks to the March 30th post as well with Sam rolling some personal label cigars.

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Today’s Pick / Quick Review – JFR Maduro (Authentic III Habano Maduro) Super Toro [6 1/2 x 52]

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The JFR – “Just For Retailers” is a normally a brand that I would pass right over but the packaging looked interesting and the placement in the shop was with some cigars that I prefer.  When I picked it up to inspect it I noticed a heavy cocoa smell to it almost like a Drew Estates Naturals – Dirt.  I asked the guy at the shop about it but he hadn’t tried it and he hadn’t heard anything about cocoa in it but he did mention someone else asking the same question.  Made by Tabacalera Tropical – Casa Fernandez the first employer of Don Pepin once he left Cuba and rumored to be his main tobacco supplier.

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Today’s Pick / Quick Review – Tatuaje Ambos Mundos No. 2

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Again, the Ambos Mundos is the first budget conscious cigar from Tatuaje. It is said it uses B and C grade tobacco based on appearance and fermentation. For some reason the Ambos Mundos No. 2 is far better than the No. 1

Full Image Shot

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Contest – Serie R Lotus Giveaway

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There is a new contest from General Cigar to win a Lotus. Basically if you purchase a box of La Gloria Cubana Serie R brand from a selected retailer you will be entered to win. So check out the links below and good luck!

Via: [Gary’s Cigars Blog] Official Rules: [For The Lotus]

New addition to Cigar Estate

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We are adding another cigar reviewer, Alex to the Cigar Estate family! I’ve know Alex since 1998 and even remember smoking a bunch of cigars with him during that time. He will be kicking off his first review with the 2009 Arturo Fuente Anejo – Reserva Shark 77.  Overall he should be a great addition when it comes to reviews and rolling out some of the custom coding being added on to the site within a few months.

So please help us welcome Alex to the family!

Cigar Event Tonight at Soho Cigars in South Tampa

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Trinidad Cigar Tasting
March 11th
6 PM – 9 PM
Special Prices and Giveaways

SoHo Cigars
212 S. Armenia Ave,
Tampa, FL

This weekends FBG Anual – Beerfest 2010

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Sorry, I know this is not directly related to cigars.

This will be my fourth year in a row for this event and I recommend it to everyone who loves beer. Since this is an outdoor event bring your cigars, after all this is Ybor City!

More about the event: Florida Brewers Guild